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Holistic, Happy & Healthy Podcast


This podcast is for you if you're a conscious human being seeking balance in your food, fitness, fun and relationships. Each week I will bring you a new episode with change makers, wellness experts, lifestyle gurus, amazing entrepreneurs and deep mindfulness topics that will shift the way you live your life to become Holistic, Happy & Healthy every single day.

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May 5, 2017

On my 30th birthday I launched an online global community for authentic women at In this episode I share the creation process I went through to develop this community and how it doesn't even feel like it's mine. I am the vehicle through which this community was developed for the greater good of...

Apr 28, 2017

In this episode Elizabeth and I are together again talking leadership from a soulful, awakened and feminine approach. We share what a leader looks like to us, how to stay true to your own values in the face of negative feedback and the balance between masculine & feminine energies. 

"a leader is a person who is shining...