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Holistic, Happy & Healthy Podcast


This podcast is for you if you're a conscious human being seeking balance in your food, fitness, fun and relationships. Each week I will bring you a new episode with change makers, wellness experts, lifestyle gurus, amazing entrepreneurs and deep mindfulness topics that will shift the way you live your life to become Holistic, Happy & Healthy every single day.

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Apr 21, 2017

We all know that our daily actions have positive and negative impacts on this planet we call home. But are we truly willing to be conscious about your decisions and actively Be The Change? 

This amazing woman that I had the privilege of interviewing has chosen to do exactly that. Since quitting her "9-5" job to cycle across the United States with her husband, Kathleen Ventura has been making conscious decisions every day to honour this planet that we live on. 

In honour of Earth Day Kathleen and I share our stories of how to make conscious decisions that reflect your values and positively impact Mother Earth.