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This podcast is for every woman who has achieved incredible success in her career & life, but is feeling a lack of fulfillment & purpose due to being disconnected from her Feminine Self. These tools will guide you through alignment principles to tap into your intuitive wisdom and learn to lead, grow & evolve from a feminine aspect. By following these simple techniques, you will begin to balance your masculine & feminine energy centres, allowing for sustainable success, effortless prosperity, and living out your soul’s purpose like you’ve never experience before. 

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Apr 28, 2017

In this episode Elizabeth and I are together again talking leadership from a soulful, awakened and feminine approach. We share what a leader looks like to us, how to stay true to your own values in the face of negative feedback and the balance between masculine & feminine energies. 

"a leader is a person who is shining...

Apr 21, 2017

We all know that our daily actions have positive and negative impacts on this planet we call home. But are we truly willing to be conscious about your decisions and actively Be The Change? 

This amazing woman that I had the privilege of interviewing has chosen to do exactly that. Since quitting her "9-5" job to...

Apr 6, 2017


Sometimes we wake up energized, excited and ready for the day. And some days we barely wake up, barely roll out of bed, barely brush our teeth and barely make it through the day.

In today's story I share with you how to create simple morning rituals that will allow you to wake up empowered, rested and...

Apr 1, 2017

My mastermind partner and very dear friend, Elizabeth Beeds, joins me for this episode where we talk about the difference between having COURAGE vs CONFIDENCE. Both of us have been entrepreneurs for years and many people believe that we are simply oozing with confidence in order to show up in the way that we do. But in...

Apr 1, 2017

While living in New Zealand my intuition showed up in a very POTENT way, and unfortunately I didn't listen to it. In this story I walk you through how my intuition showed up, how it proved to be 100% correct and why now my partner and I ALWAYS trust my gut instincts.