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This podcast is for every woman who has achieved incredible success in her career & life, but is feeling a lack of fulfillment & purpose due to being disconnected from her Feminine Self. These tools will guide you through alignment principles to tap into your intuitive wisdom and learn to lead, grow & evolve from a feminine aspect. By following these simple techniques, you will begin to balance your masculine & feminine energy centres, allowing for sustainable success, effortless prosperity, and living out your soul’s purpose like you’ve never experience before. 

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Sep 25, 2019

Do you feel like it’s time for you to feel abundant, strong, and wealthy? Then you may need to change the way you view money, as well as your relationship with investing.

Money matters -- I get it. But money itself is JUST energy. It is not the answer. The answer lives within YOU. And I'll help you find it. 


Sep 18, 2019

Tea Time ~ I share with you my morning musings in my white fluffy robe and a cup of tea. Today, we talk about conscious relationships.

What is a Conscious Relationship? Oftentimes, our relationships don't need fixing. It’s just that things aren’t flowing as well as they could and you hold the key in making those...

Sep 11, 2019

Every day we are subconsciously craving, seeking and asking for permission to be who we truly are ~ but most of us are unwilling to receive that permission from ourselves. So today, in this super brief & super potent episode, please receive your permission from me...


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Sep 4, 2019

Tea Time ~ I'm sharing some vulnerable truths about anger, frustration, darkness & shadow work with you while sitting in my white fluffy robe & sipping a cup of tea. I used to strive to always be happy & positive, until I realized how powerful our aggressive emotions can be in healing our whole being...this episode is...