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This podcast is for every woman who has achieved incredible success in her career & life, but is feeling a lack of fulfillment & purpose due to being disconnected from her Feminine Self. These tools will guide you through alignment principles to tap into your intuitive wisdom and learn to lead, grow & evolve from a feminine aspect. By following these simple techniques, you will begin to balance your masculine & feminine energy centres, allowing for sustainable success, effortless prosperity, and living out your soul’s purpose like you’ve never experience before. 

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Sep 30, 2020

This one is for all the mama's!

Join the conversation with Nekole Eaton - conscious parenting coach, speaker, and pediatric occupational therapist specializing in child development for an in-depth discussion about conscious living, raising littles, mama body image, mompreneur life and normalizing what is normal!

"I want...

Sep 25, 2020

This week I launched the Pre-Sale of my book; Feminine Warrior. It has been an INCREDIBLE experience, but not without the duality of being a spiritual seeker with a human being. With all the love and support I've received, I still notice that nasty ego mind questioning it all. This is the duality of...

Sep 10, 2020

Join my soul sister; Sonja Foss, and I in an impromptu chit chat about the highs and lows we've experienced in our ever-changing friendship. Being a soul sister with a woman who is constantly growing and evolving is not always a walk in the park. Let us share with you some of the interesting experiences we've had as...

Sep 2, 2020


Our theme for September is; Duality ~ opposition or contrast in life, night and day, winter and summer, dark and light.

In this episode we'll explore the duality of nature, our role as human beings within this contrast, how we often shy away from witnessing the duality of life, and how to...