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This podcast is for every woman who has achieved incredible success in her career & life, but is feeling a lack of fulfillment & purpose due to being disconnected from her Feminine Self. These tools will guide you through alignment principles to tap into your intuitive wisdom and learn to lead, grow & evolve from a feminine aspect. By following these simple techniques, you will begin to balance your masculine & feminine energy centres, allowing for sustainable success, effortless prosperity, and living out your soul’s purpose like you’ve never experience before. 

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Jun 30, 2017

Olivia Keane joins me for this episode all the way from Amed, Bali. While living in Vancouver, BC, Olivia was introduced to meditation and soon after felt a deep calling to pack up her things and move to across the world. 8 months later, she walks us through her intense lessons of releasing her fear, taking the leap...

May 19, 2017

When I was in grade 6 I suffered deep depression, so bad that my Dad feared for my life. I had no friends, felt unwelcome in my own school and would constantly come home crying, deeply saddened by the pain I felt from the actions of others. 

This is the story of how I used the depression from bullying to rise up and...

Apr 1, 2017

While living in New Zealand my intuition showed up in a very POTENT way, and unfortunately I didn't listen to it. In this story I walk you through how my intuition showed up, how it proved to be 100% correct and why now my partner and I ALWAYS trust my gut instincts.